Hitachi C15FB 15 Amps 15-Inch Miter Saw

Review of Hitachi C15FB 15-Inch Miter Saw – No Bevel

Will Cut Through Almost Anything!

I have reviewed a variety of 12 and 10-inch miter saws for this site, but I also felt the need review the only 15-inch miter saw on the market – the Hitachi C15FB. The blade size is clearly its standout feature, but I wanted to see what else I could find out about this unique tool and how it performs, so I could determine whether or not it needs to be on my tool wish list.

Never having owned a miter saw that uses such a large blade, I would expect that it was designed to do some serious heavy duty cutting and take on the biggest jobs imaginable, and I’m sure you would expect the same. So let me tell you what my discovery quest uncovered about this 15-inch miter saw.

A Heavy Hitter For Heavy Duty

I appreciate a miter saw that has a large capacity and the Hitachi C15FB falls right into this category. This heavy duty miter saw can cut through material up to 4.75 inches thick and 7.5 inches wide. Its 15-amp motor has a no-load speed of up to 3400 rpm to push its combo saw blade through a wide variety of materials including plywood, hardwood, aluminum, concrete (yes, concrete) and soft plastics, as well as other wood products.

One thing about this saw that really stood out for me is that it can cut molding and trim while standing vertically. This is an uncommon feature on a miter saw, and one that I really like because it means you don’t have to lift your workpiece off the work surface in order to get the correct angle when cutting things like crown molding.

Safe and Sturdy

A miter saw is potentially a very dangerous tool, so safety is always a concern. I like to know that the miter saw I’m using has adequate safety features so I can concentrate more on cutting perfect angles and worry less about cutting off my fingers. The Hitachi C15FB is built with a sturdy frame which provides outstanding stability, and there is a vise assembly at the bottom of the machine that can be used to hold your work piece securely to the end of the fence. For working with wide materials, the Hitachi C15FB has extension wings to provide more support for added safety. Another safety feature worthy of note is the trigger switch which automatically engages the electric brake when the trigger is released, stopping the blade within seconds.

Built To Stand The Test Of Time

Weighing in at a solid 55 pounds, this miter saw was built to last. The debris deflection guard keeps sawdust and particles from other materials away from the cutting area, and the dust collection bag helps reduce the amount of debris that becomes airborn. The carbon brush is easily accessed and replacing it is a simple task. This is one of the features that make this miter saw durable and able to stand the test of time, and the C15FB is backed by Hitachi’s 5 year limited warranty.

Perfect Precision

Not only is the Hitachi C15FB built to last, it’s also built to make precision cuts. It comes with the 11 most used positive miter stops and the miter index is easy to read so you can find the angle you need quickly and easily. The table angle can also be adjusted by way of the conveniently located side handle.

Another feature that will help you make accurate cuts is the gear-case center beam support, and for additional support when working with longer pieces of material, the C15FB has an extension guide which provides increased stability. In addition to all that, there is a stopper feature which is designed to improve the saw’s precision when you need accurate repeat cuts for preset lengths.

Hold On To Your Handle

I’m used to working with miter saws that have a horizontal handle, but the Hitachi C15FB has a vertical handle. I can imagine that it could take some getting used to, but the weight of this miter saw is said to be well balanced, so I would think you should be good to go after a bit of practice.

My Verdict

It appears to me that the Hitachi C15FB is a true high performance miter saw. When they designed the C15FB, Hitachi boldly went where no miter saw maker has gone before, and still hasn’t, and the results are rather impressive. This 15-inch miter saw delivers unparalleled cutting capacity when it comes to the range of materials it can be used to cut. From wood to aluminum to concrete, no material is safe with a Hitachi C15FB in your workshop.