About the Author

Just a little about me and why I made this website

I am just a simple guy who enjoys woodwork. On most weekends and evenings you can find me in my workshop working on my latest project. It is my passion and many people who know me often ask me to help with their renovation and woodwork projects because they know that I truly enjoy this work and I actually know what I am doing (at least I think so). So while I would not say that I am a licensed woodwork professional, I have been doing woodwork for a long time, I am knowledgeable in this area and I really enjoy it.

I was looking for a new miter saw to replace my old one when I realized how difficult it was to get useful information regarding miter saws online. It seemed that even when I did find information it was scattered about the World Wide Web in bits and pieces. So I wanted to compile my research, along with my own experiences, into a simple website with the hopes that it would help others like myself who just want quality information about miter saws, but don’t necessarily want to be looking all over the internet to find it. It is my sincerest wish that the information presented here will be of value to you. Thank you for stopping by.

John B.